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"The other agent is cheaper!"


"If you can match your management fee with the other agent!"


"Your fees are too high!"


"But what's the management fee for?"


It took me over 20 years to create and discover these PM Fee Script Secrets...with PAIN, SWEAT and lots of TEARS (and lots of lost deals by not using them)!

These are 70 secrets, strategies, techniques with 50 scripts on how to get the best PM fees in your marketplace, no matter how aggressive your rivals get with their fee discounting.

I've now taught these very same PM Fee Scripts to thousands in Property Management over Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, and have directly worked with and coached HUNDREDS of rent rolls to get better fees with NEW and CURRENT owners.

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Here's the PM Fee Scripts SECRETS you can start using right away...

You'll always have an effective answer for every property management fee objection you'll face!

Here's the list of scripts you'll get with what is likely the most comprehensive fee script handbook ever written for property management.

Script 1-“If you can match your management fee with the other agent down the road” with the 'Cup of Coffee' Script

Script 2- ‘Did the other agent demonstrate to you their…?’ for “If you can match your management fee with the other agent down the road”

Script 3- “Your management fees are too high!”

Script 4- “It’s just a 1% discount”

Script 5- “But the other agent will give a discount, why can’t you?”

Script 6- “But you should give a discount!”

Script 7- “But the other agent includes other services as part of their management fee (higher all-inclusive management fee)

Script 8- “But the other agent charges for everything all-inclusive for only X% (low all-inclusive management fee)

Script 9- “I have multiple properties, I expect a discount!”

Script 10- “I have multiple properties at the same location, I expect a discount, because they’re close to each other, saving you time!”

Script 11- “My Property Manager/other property managers in (city/location) don’t charge that!”

Script 12- “But I purchased a property from your company...I expect a discount!”

Script 13- “My property is an executive (higher rent) rental property. Why are you getting paid more to manage it, when you’re doing exactly the same service for lower rent properties?”

Script 14- “I like to do my own repairs, so I expect a discount!”

Script 15- “All you do is collect the rent! Why should I pay that much?”

Script 16- “So what’s the management fee for then?”

Script 17- “But the other agent is cheaper” with the 'Mental Anguish' Script

Script 18- “But the other agent is cheaper” with the ‘No Real Difference’ Script

Script 19- “But the other agent is cheaper” with the ‘We Fix Cheaper Agent Service’ Script

Script 20- “But the other agent is cheaper” with the ‘Heart Surgeon’ Script

Script 21- “But the other agent is cheaper” with the ‘Toyota Versus Kia’ Script

Script 22- “But the other agent is cheaper” with the ‘Less than Expected’ Script

Script 23- “But the other agent is cheaper” with the ‘The Full Pizza’ Script

Script 24- ‘The alternative cost’ Script

Script 25- ‘The hourly rate’ Script

Script 26- ‘The matching bad service’ Script

Script 27- ‘The competing on service’ Script 

Script 28- ‘What service do I leave out?’ Script

Script 29- ‘I just want to know your fees!’ Script 

Script 30- ‘Your greatest asset’ Script 

Script 31- ‘The cheapest agent in town’ Script 

Script 32- “The other agent will get me a better rent” -2% a week cost for vacancy

Script 33- “The other agent will get me a higher rent” - Bad tenant magnet

Script 34- “The other agent has a rent guarantee!”

Script 35- “But I can manage my own property!”

Script 36- “I’m going to rent it to family (or to a friend)!”

Script 37- “But the other agent charges a cheaper leasing fee!”

Script 38- “But I found my own tenant. Why do I still need to pay a leasing fee?”

Script 39- How to justify your Property Marketing Fee (if the owner doesn’t want to pay)

Script 40- How to justify your Property Marketing Fee (if your competitors don’t charge, or charge less than you)

Script 41- “Why are you charging a Marketing Fee? The internet is free, isn’t it?”

Script 42- ”But the other agent doesn’t charge a Lease Renewal Fee!” (or charges less than you)

Script 43- “But the other agent doesn’t charge for an Ingoing Inspection Report!” (or charges less than you)

Script 44- “But the other agent doesn’t charge a Final Inspection Fee!”

Script 45- “But the other agent doesn’t charge for a Routine Inspection Fee!” (or charges less than you)

Script 46- “Why are you charging me a Monthly Administration Fee?”

Script 47- “Why are you charging me an Annual Statement Fee?”

Script 48- “Why are you charging me a Repair Fee?”

Script 49- “Why are you charging me a Tribunal/Court Attendance Fee/Insurance Claim Fee?” (or the other agent doesn’t charge that much!)

Script 50- “What is an Outside of Normal Duties Fee for?”

Script 51- “What is a Renovation Fee for?” 

What do others say?

Steven Rozenberg- PM Speaker and Trainer- 
Co-founder- Empire Industries (Property Management) Houston, Texas USA

"If you are wanting to explode your business but afraid to ask for higher fees this book is a must for you. This will become your 'go to book' for scripts on how to overcome objections and increase fees all around.

Deniz Yusuf- BDM Coach and Trainer- Inspired Growth Training

"Darren is the leader with his PM scripts for new business. As a BDM and now as a BDM Coach, I've used Darren's scripts personally for years!” 

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every fee script response for every fee objection you'll likely ever face is right here...in this book!

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"...I not only changed my mindset but I was able to double my new property sign-ups 2 years in a row"

- Shashana McNicol- Director
Nourish Property- Perth WA

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